Are we alone or aren’t we?

Are we alone or aren't we?

Are we alone or aren't we?

Who knows the real truth? Is it our governments? Stephen Hawking? Alex Collier? The Mayans? Us? Who are The Galactic Federation of Light? Ashtar Command? Andromedans? Sirians? Zeta Reticuli? Agarthans? Telosians? Pleiadians/Plejaren?

About The Question Itself

This is another one of those burning questions which has been a hot-bed of controversy over the last 60 years or so, maybe more. After all, the revelation that we are not the only gig in the universe (or multiverse if you think in the quantum) would have profound implications in the way we view ourselves and our world in the grand scheme of things.

About The Answer

Herein lies the problem. How to answer this? We have so many different educated viewpoints from many well meaning and not so well meaning sources that its difficult, if not impossible to give a definitive answer at this point. We could possibly go so far as to form a hypothesis of the existence of extraterrestrial (ET), intraterrestrial (yes, i said ‘intra’; see the link above for The Agarthans) & extra-dimensional (ED) life based on all the sources we have on hand.

The Various Viewpoints


Mainstream science has always promoted the concept that what “exists” can be proven by evidence which can be viewed under a microscope, measured, deconstructed and tested. A.K.A Scientific proof. This has served the status-quo paradigm of our society well over the last several hundred years (or so we are led to believe). We have all been raised (or conditioned) to believe that if you cannot see, taste, hear, smell or touch it, it therefore cannot exist unless the science community says so. There is an interesting thread on the subject of scientific proof on Furthermore, science is a constantly evolving field of study, due to the advancement of technology. Physicists are now finding as they examine the behavior of the smallest particles, their past accepted scientific principles no longer make sense as they once did. The smallest things studied just don’t behave as expected and cannot necessarily be physically measured or tested in the classical sense. This also includes astrophysics and the study of the celestial objects in our cosmos. Twelve telescopes, over 27 different probes and numerous manned missions which the world has put into space in the last 5 decades have amassed a wealth of information about our cosmic neighborhood and beyond. Some of this information flies in the face of accepted methodologies in determining the properties of stars, planets, galaxies and our universe in general. An interesting study by Astronomers has just been published by the BBC news recently which estimates that every star in the sky hosts at least one planet.


Governments have typically either distanced themselves from the question or have backed the status-quo science viewpoint. However, various events that have occurred over the last century have called into question the credibility of these viewpoints and our governments’ transparency on the subject in general. Events such as the alleged crash of an extraterrestrial space craft at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 and the Rendlesham Forest Incident in Suffolk UK in 1980 are two of many, many examples wherein important details of said events were highly classified and hidden from public view. Add to this the numerous top secret projects, undertaken by clandestine groups such as Majestic 12, which were financed by our governments, therefore our tax dollars. This non-transparent stance taken only fuels speculation and suspicion as to the reasons why these projects have been compartmentalized and kept from the public at large. This has given rise to growing conspiracy theories.


See my article explaining how I use some channelers as a source of information. The information is gained through channeled messages allegedly coming from extraterrestrial or extra-dimensional beings themselves. These messages supposedly reveal a large group which has been peacefully engaging our race throughout our history. They also allege that a vast amount of knowledge and our true historical origins have been held back from us for many millenia. These messages teach concepts of spirituality, love and unity. While it would not be difficult for these “channelers” to hoax these channeled messages, cross referencing the information brought through by many different channelers around the world reveals some common threads with the subjects discussed. Some of the information is so profound and non-self-serving that it is difficult to imagine what a channeler would have to gain by bringing forth these communications if they were indeed faked. These messages ‘just feel right’ intuitively and always seem to appeal to the highest good of all. Some of these communications have even predicted future world events over the last few decades which have actually occurred.


There are a number of people who claim they have been contacted either telepathically or physically by extra dimensional or extraterrestrial beings. Some of these “contactees” also claim to have been taken aboard space craft and shown technology, science and knowledge which is advanced far beyond our current level of understanding. Many report having returned from these experiences profoundly changed with a new mission in life to raise the consciousness of the rest of us. A pretty good list of the more well known contactees, along with the story behind each can be found here.


There is yet another group of people who claim to have actually been abducted by extraterrestrials. The difference between these people and contactees are that abductees are supposedly taken against their will and the experience has some negative aspects, such as invasive medical testing and experimentation. Some of these people claim to have returned from these abductions with physical and psychological trauma. There are numerous sources on the internet to find accounts of these abductions, but here is one such concise collection of some of the more solid accounts of extraterrestrial abduction.

Wtiness Testimony

I include here the countless numbers of people who have reported first hand sightings of alleged UFO’s. I tread with care here when I say “UFO”. I mean this in the literal sense: Unidentified Flying Object, or more appropriately UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena). Many have come to assume that when the UFO acronym is used that it automatically means alien or extraterrestrial space craft. When someone witnesses aerial phenomena they cannot identify, there is no way to know for sure whether or not this is a space craft of extraterrestrial origin unless the thing lands and some otherworldly being comes out to greet you. The vast majority of these cases can be revealed to be hoaxes or some other misidentified phenomenon, such as conventional aircraft, celestial objects or weather anomalies. What interests me here is the small percentage of cases for which there is no explanation or those which defy all conventional explanations. That small percentage actually adds up to hundreds, if not thousands of cases over the last 60-70 years. These are events which cannot be explained away by even the most keen debunkers.

Mass Consciousness (The 99%)

Another factor which must be weighed in here is the belief of the general populace (the rest of us). Over the last 60 years or more, we have had a myriad of different influences on our perception of this extraterrestrial question, mostly from Hollywood movies and mainstream science. This and other factors such as government & religion has had a large effect. The age of information & technology has had the biggest impact on our views, due largely to the rise of the internet and mobile communications. We live in a time when almost any information we desire can be accessed from any place we may be at any given time. Millions of different sources and viewpoints can be reviewed with a few keystrokes or even a voice command. The fact that we can socialize with a wider global circle of interested people means our conscious awareness is growing at an almost exponential rate. We are more informed than ever, therefore we have more information to evaluate and work into our own belief systems on both a micro and macro level personally, regionally, nationally & globally. A recent opinion poll from suggests that over 60% of the population believes alien life is possible. Other recent polls referenced here reveal that a surprising percentage of the population believes we are not alone in the universe.

Putting It All Together

By using a combination of our logical intelligence and intuition, I believe we can form a hypothesis to this question by taking all sources into account, which is what I am attempting to do here. I believe there is some truth in all of the different sources I mention above. When you look at all the information, it seems very plausible that the answer is likely staring us in the face.

Let’s take a look at this conservatively. Logically, we know there are trillions of stars in our observable universe. Even if only 5% of these star solar systems had a single planet capable of supporting life of any kind, that is still approximately 50 billion planets. It is also logical to assume that a certain percentage of these life supporting planets may have evolved to the point of supporting sentient life, such as human or other highly intelligent beings. Even if that percentage was very tiny, say 1%, we would still be at around 500 million! So five hundred million intelligent life supporting planets in our observable universe? Quite possibly. I am also not assuming they would all be Earth-like planets. Our current understanding of what constitutes that of ‘supporting intelligent life’ is most likely limited at best. Planets which could support sentient life could be similar to Earth, very different, or anywhere in between. Some of these planets may look like revolving balls of toxic gas to us, yet in another dimensional density, could have thriving environments of beings (more on this in another post). How do we know that some of the very planets in our own solar system, such as Venus, Jupiter and Mars do not have intelligent life that is just not yet measurable with our current technology? That life could very well be extra-dimensional in nature. Science contends that our universe is 13.6 billion years old. The Earth was formed some 4.54 billion years ago according to the thermal gradient method of measurement. Human beings have only been around about 200,000 years on this planet, according to archeologists. That would be considered a drop in the bucket of time when compared with the rest of the universe. Perhaps there are many worlds in the Milky Way and other galaxies which are much older or could have supported intelligent races of beings long before we even existed. Entire races could have come and gone throughout the history of the universe eons before we were even a gleam in mother Earth’s eye. If some of those very ancient galactic civilizations still exist at present, they could be thousands, if not millions of years further advanced than we are, technologically and otherwise. It would be further reasonable to assume that many of these older races could have long ago developed methods of interstellar travel with the ability to spread themselves out to more star systems and planets, creating new colonies and civilizations across many worlds throughout the universe. In that case, it would not be far fetched to imagine one or even several of these space-faring races having visited Earth in our past or even our present. I further suggest its possible that we ourselves are descended from those who were seeded on this planet from races elsewhere in the cosmos.

ET Disclosure

All of the above has fueled speculation by various researchers and conspiracy theorists as to whether or not our governments will at some point not only disclose their alleged knowledge of the existence of intelligent life beyond our world, but also an existing dialog that has occurred between such beings and our governments over the past several decades.

From ET’s point of view

Let’s assume for a moment that the universe is filled with intelligent life and civilizations who have traveled the stars for eons of time. If they have had thousands or even millions of years to advance beyond our current level of understanding, it is logical to assume that these civilizations could have outgrown what we consider to be the lower negative based traits, such as fear, greed & self serving agendas. It is also logical to surmise that these star faring races thus have developed to such a point technologically & economically, that they have no need for resource plundering as we do with petroleum. They would have also progressed well past the point of conquering and war. To uphold these ideals, they may have formed alliances with many other races of advanced beings who are also positively oriented in an effort to selflessly help each other. Over eons of time, this group of civilizations could have grown into a large confederation as more planets reached the point where they were advanced enough to make contact with this group. This large confederation would have then shared their vast body of knowledge & technology with these ‘newbie’ evolving races, growing this cooperative effort even more. I know, it sounds like something right out of Star Trek, doesn’t it? But are the ideas of Gene Roddenberry that far fetched? I don’t think so. It all makes logical sense that such a “United Federation of Planets” could indeed exist. It would also stand to reason that they would possibly have a non-interference policy, a “prime directive” for developing races they encounter as to not influence or make direct contact with these races until they have reached a point in their evolution where they were ready to see the bigger picture. Is it possible that we are one such fledgling race? Could it be that this massive extraterrestrial group does not want to make direct open contact with us until we are collectively ready for such a revelation? Maybe they have monitored us for quite some time and possibly know more about us then we do ourselves. They could have decided long ago not to allow open contact with us as a whole until we stop our negative, war mongering ways and fear based, self serving agendas.

We can even look at this last statement further and find alleged stories of how different ET groups have in fact approached our governments in the past and offered a peaceful, technological & spiritual sharing in exchange for our pledge to form a more peaceful coexistence with others of our own world and even off-world. One such story alleges that former President Dwight D. Eisenhower met with extraterrestrials on three separate occasions in 1954 at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico. This story has been in the realm of conspiracy theory for many years now.  Recently, The Huffington Post reported on how an ex government consultant has come forth revealing details of this encounter. Interestingly, this has been unintentionally corroborated by a retired New Hampshire state representative, Henry McElroy Jr., who taped an intriguing video announcement back in 2010 in which he revealed seeing a secret briefing document intended for Eisenhower. This brief contained information that aliens were in America and that Eisenhower could meet with them. “The tone of the brief indicated to me that there was no need for concern, since these visitors were in no way causing any harm or had any intentions whatsoever of causing any disruption then or in the future,” he explained.

What if it were true?

With all these numerous stories coming out of the woodwork, its hard to believe that they could all be faked or imaginary. If even a tiny number of these sources have any truth to them, the revelation of the existence of a wider galactic family could be far reaching and paradigm shifting for our world. No facet of our society would be unchanged by this awareness.

In Summary:

  • Q: Do I believe we are not alone?
  • A: While I personally don’t yet have evidence as the current status-quo would dictate, taking all these sources into account I truly believe we are part of a vast amount of intelligent life throughout the cosmos. It is only a matter of time before this becomes a fact known to all of us. Something tells me we don’t have long to wait for that answer and it will have a far reaching positive effect on our civilization.


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  2. There are a wide variety of extrasolar planets, which are also known as exoplanets. Most orbit stars that are similar to our Sun. This is in part because scientists have focused on these stars in the hope of finding planets similar to Earth and capable of supporting life. Despite this inclination to favor Sun-like stars, astronomers have determined that stars with a lower mass, such as red dwarfs, are either not as likely to have planets or to have too low of a mass for astronomers to detect. Because extrasolar planets are so far away, scientists have not been able to discover that much about them. Fortunately, we have learned some things. Many of the extrasolar planets are gas giants like Jupiter and are highly unlikely to support life. In the past few years, scientists found planets the size of Neptune, which strengthtened their hope for finding Earth-like planets, and some astronomers now believe they have found Earth-like planets. Astronomers think that there are many Earth-like extrasolar planets in various solar systems and are looking forward to finding them in years to come.

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